Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolutions For WoW

 Does anyone think about things like this? As the year of 2010 comes to an end I reflect and see if I have achieved all I wanted to accomplish this year. I feel like in most cases I did. My goal for the year was to get at least one server first. I thankfully got three. I think I succeeded.

Now that 2011 is almost on us, it's time for me to make a new goal. After thinking long and hard about a major goal I would like to strive for I finally thought of it. In 2011 I would like to get my guild to be successful again, in whatever way I can. Whether it be PvP, or PvE, or anything else I want it to be respectable. This is the most important thing to me right now. 

Now that I've said mine, what is your New Year's resolution for WoW? Can't think of one? I have provided some examples of goals you could try to achieve:
  •  Get your Mountain O' Mounts achievement.
  • Stop buying so many Fortune Cards (They're addicting I know.)
  • Finally level your cooking/fishing/first aid.
  • Get The Exalted title.
  • Get your Lil' Game Hunter achievement.
  • Make a successful guild!
  • Make more in game friends (Nothing wrong with e-friends, not at all!)
  • Try PvP
  • Try PvE
  • Start that WoW blog you've always been meaning to start!
  • Level an 85 of each class.
  • Buy a Vial of the Sands
  • Get your dream mount!
  • Achieve 9,000 achievement points!
  • Make that alt you've always been meaning to make.
  • Make a legendary item!
Whatever you choose, make sure you keep one important thing in mind: Don't forget to have fun! This is a game, after all. My biggest pet peeve is people in this game who don't play to have fun. They're too concerned with min/maxing everything and they never play this game to have fun. That's when this game becomes a job and that is when you get burnt out. Who cares if archaeology doesn't help your DPS, if you enjoy it, do it! Who cares if it doesn't make you make thousands of gold, go make that alt you've always wanted! I follow this advice and I am almost never burnt out of the game.
So I just gave you some great suggestions (if I do say so myself =P) so you have no choice after reading this to not have a goal for 2011. So what is your goal? Let me know in the comments!

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    Feast of Winterveil Gift Giving Guide

    It's that time of year again. The time when Great Father Winter brings us citizens of Azeroth gifts! But you don't have to have a beard to join in the gift giving fun! I usually always get my WoW friends gifts during this time and I highly suggest you guys do too! What's that? You don't have any ideas you say? Well then let me help you! For today I have organized a guide to help you with gift ideas for ANY kind of WoW player in your virtual life.


     Warning - Some of my suggestions are fairly obvious. This is to make a point. Gifts don't have to be one of a kind or crazy unique. It's the thought that counts, really! Sure some of my suggestions may be more creative then others, but seriously people will be thankful just to know you thought of them this holiday!

     Gifts for Races
    (These gift ideas are for those people who are huge fans of the race they play. These gifts are specific to lore of said races and primarily for role-players; or anyone really!)

    Blood Elf
    • Any large quantity of alcohol
    • More alcohol
    •  Orb of Deception (for obvious reasons)
    Night Elf
    • An axe. Like any, seriously. Even the casters will appreciate it.
    • Mushrooms
    • Bandages 

    • A new top hat.
    • Any of the new monocles.

    Gifts For Professions

    • Stacks of any of the new herbs (Azshara's Veil, Cinderbloom, Stormvine, Heartblossom, Whiptail, and Twilight Jasmine)
    • Obsidian Bars
    • Elementium Bars
    • Pyrium Bars
    • Volatile Elements
    • Any of the Cataclysm materials
    • Any disenchantable greens
    • Obsidian/Elementium Bars
    • Cataclysm Volatiles
    • Lifegiving seeds
    • Cataclysm Herbs
    • Blackfallow Ink
    • Obsidium Ore
    • Elementium Ore
    • Pyrite Ore
    • Any uncut gems
    • BoE recipes
    • Stacks of Cataclysm Leather
    • Stacks of Cataclysm Scales
    • A new pick axe?
    • A new knife?
      • Stacks of Embersilk
      • More stacks of Embersilk
      • Volatiles
        Gifts For Secondary Professions
          • Orc Blood Text
          • Tol'Vir Hieroglyphic
          • Troll Tablet
          • Vrykul Rune Stick
          • Dwarf Rune Stone
          • Highborne Scroll
          • Nerubian Obelisk
          • Draenei Tomb
          First Aid
          • Embersilk Cloth
          • New lures?
          • Any of the new Cataclysm meats
          • Any of the new Cataclysm fish
          Gifts For The Raiders 
          • Flasks relating to whatever their spec is
          • Food relating to whatever their spec is
          • Enchants on scrolls (For when they upgrade their gear. The new weapon enchants are awesome for this!) 
          • Dust of Disappearance  
          Gifts For The PvPers
          • Flasks relating to whatever their spec is (For regular BG farming)
          • Food relating to whatever their spec is (For regular BG farming)
          • Enchants on scrolls (For when they upgrade their gear. The new weapon enchants are awesome for this!) 
          • Dust of Disappearance 
          Gifts For Collectors
          • De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion
          • Enchanted Lantern
          • Magic Lamp
          • Personal World Destroyer
          • Elementium Geode
          • Hyacinth Macaw
             Gifts for Hardcore Asilventures Fans (all two of you)
            • Slimy Ring 
            • Gold for buying Noggenfogger (and for repairs!) 

            General Gifts
            So that's my list. Sure there are tons of other items you could give, but hopefully my ideas help you out this holiday season. And like I said before: It's not about what you get for your friends, it's the thought that really counts! You don't have to go crazy and spend thousands of gold, just be creative!

            So what presents are you getting your friends this Winterveil?

            Tuesday, December 14, 2010

            First Impressions: Archaeology (Telescopes? Why'd It Have To Be Telescopes!) Edition

            Today I wanted to talk about how I feel about the new secondary profession in the game: Archaeology. I feel like my opinion on this topic is a good one because I did in fact do it for twenty-two hours straight in order to get the "Realm First!" for it. I'll break this post up into various parts, starting with a quick guide on the general basics of this vanity profession.

            Archaeology Basics

            Once you train Archaeology you will start seeing shovels on your world map. These shovels represent dig sites. There are four dig sites available per continent. So that means there are always going to be four places you could dig on Kalimdor, The Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands, and Northrend. 

            When you click on a zone with a shovel the dig site in said zone is located in the gray or red circle on the map. When you enter this area you'll be able to use your new ability "survey". When you use it, it will drop a telescope looking thing that is attached to a light. If the light is red you are over one hundred yards away from the artifact. If the light is yellow you are between fifty to one hundred yards away. If the light is green you are less than fifty yards away.

            Also whenever you use "survey" your "telescope" will also point you in the right direction as well as tell you how close or far away you are. So always follow which direction the big end of the telescope is pointing (as shown in the picture below).

            There are three artifacts per dig site. Each artifact is zoned for you, so there is no competition, there is no race. Once you've gotten all three artifacts in a zone a new shovel will appear on your map marking another dig site that just opened up. 

            When you collect an artifact in a dig site you will be given two to six fragments. Higher archaeology yields higher amounts of fragments, but you start out at early levels only getting two. If you click on your archaeology profession icon you'll see various races. Clicking on a race option will then display how many more fragments you need before you can make an item. A lot of times you'll only be making "uncommon" items and they are pretty quick and easy to make. Sometimes you will have to make "rare" items. These rare items take a lot more fragments to make but yield a really cool vanity item/mount/pet/boa epic. Once you have enough fragments to make something you can hit solve and it will make your item. Keep in mind you cannot skip items and they appear in a random order. So if you have a rare to make in one race, you have to finish it before you can make any other items with that race's fragments.

            The items you make with archaeology will be random, however, you will not get any repeat items until you have already made every single item of that race's archaeology.

            Sometimes you'll loot items that are of green quality. These items (for example: Highborn Scrolls or Troll tablets) are called key stones and they can be used to speed up the process of making some items. If an item can use a keystone there will be a slot near the bottom of the archaeology interface that you can put them in. Each keystone counts for twelve shards. If there's not slow available on the item, then you can't use a keystone on it.

            That's pretty much all there is to the basics of Archaeology.

            Leveling Archaeology

            The way I would suggest leveling Archaeology would definitely be slowly. Maybe take it an hour or so at a time. Archaeology is repetitive and will bore you out if you try to do it too much. You get skill points for just finding artifacts from levels one to one hundred. After you are level one hundred you can only skill up by making items. Making items gives you five points regardless if it is rare. You still get five no matter if you make the skeleton mount or the gray vendor trash comb of a thousand hairs.

            The best way to level archaeology is to take it slow and casual. Only do it an hour or so at a time. Doing it anymore than that will bore you out quickly. And the expansion just came out, so getting burnt out of anything at this point would spell bad news for the rest of your year. Here are a few tips that will make your leveling quicker however.

            • Use keystones whenever you can.
            • Don't make any objects until you are skill one hundred.
            • When you reach archaeology level three hundred, unless you really want a change of scenery, I'd still suggest leveling in Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor (I prefer Eastern Kingdoms though). You still get five skill points an item regardless of your skill level or where you got the artifacts. I leveled pretty much only in the Eastern Kingdoms when I did it.
            • The reason you will want to stay on Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms is because the race's on these continents take less fragments to make objects. This in turn means you level up faster. 

            I think the main reason people will do archaeology is for the rare objects you can make. These rare objects can be one of many things.
            If you like pets this profession is for you. There are about three pets you can make so far from archaeology: The Clockwork Gnome, the Fossilized Hatchling, and the Crawling Hand.

            There are also two mounts you can get so far: An AQ battle tank you can ride anywhere, and a skeletal raptor.

            BoA items. These BoA items are epic and have a level requirement but you can still send them to alts! They're good too, they'll definitely get put to good use if you get the one you need. 

            There are so many cool things you can make with archaeology that I'm getting excited to go survey just typing this.

             Realm First!

            Now that I've gotten that out of the way I'll get to my opinion (finally). And first I'll start with Realm First! just to get it out of the way. Yes I did complete my goal of getting Realm First! Grand Master and Illustrious Archaeologist. It took me twenty-two hours of straight grinding archaeology to achieve it.
            If you've ever wondered what it's like to get a realm first, I have formulated a way anyone can experience it. To get the realm first treatment is simple. All you have to do is go to your local trade chat and say "Giving away 100g to the first five people who message me." The result will be very very similar to what happened to me.

            Oh, and I never want to see another telescope again.

            The Vanity Profession

            Archaeology to me is a vanity profession. There is only one benefit outside of vanity purposes to the profession (which I'll get to later). If you don't like mounts or cool little silly items you won't like this profession at all. I guess that was the intention, though. I love these items so I feel like this was tailored for the play style I have.
            Spawns Are Unforgiving

            Unless you are a mage, prepare for a lot of flight time. Because doing this profession is a pain. This is one low point for me regarding it. I don't know how they'd fix it, but there really is no quick way to do this. And maybe that was their intentions. It takes time to do and you have to go out of your way to do it. This was probably how they planned it so I doubt they'll change it.

            What Can I Do With Archaeology?

            I have an answer. There are two things I've done with the things I have gotten from archaeology.
            In every Cataclysm dungeon there is a daily quest inside that only archaeologists can see. When you open the quest it will give you the option to use a keystone. If you complete the quest with the keystone your group will be granted a buff that will last throughout the instance. This can be extremely helpful if you're doing some of the tougher heroics. Especially since the keystones are BoE.

            Another thing I do with archaeology is with some of the rare objects I macro them in with some of my cool-downs. Since the objects don't share global cool-downs this is possible. This can make for some fun RP macros. For example: A macro I use has it so whenever I use Gift of the Naaru I yell "The Naaru have not forgotten us." And at the same time use my Arrival of the Naaru rare object I got from archaeology. The ability to do this with my spells is awesome. I highly suggest it to anyone who likes cool stuff!

            Final Thoughts

            Archaeology is a great addition to the game. It provides us with something that is outside the norm to do when we get burnt out. It's supposed to be just a simple little "hot and cold" type activity to distract us from the normal WoW grind. If you take it slow and do it like an hour at a time, you will enjoy archaeology. As long as you can put up with the flight times, that is. It takes patience, just like real archaeology.

            As a huge lover of pets, mounts, and vanity items this profession is right up my metaphoric alley. I can't wait to see what Blizzard has in store for the future of this profession. If you haven't yet tried your hand at surveying I would strongly suggest you go try it. You might be surprised in how addictive it is; or by what you might find!

            So, what do you think about archaeology?

            Sunday, December 12, 2010

            Manataurs and You: A Discussion About Cut Scenes In Cataclysm

            Back in the day, when Magister's Terrace finally came out, it was a big deal. Not really because it was new, but mostly because once you killed the second boss something happened that we hadn't really experienced yet: an in game cut scene appeared. Nowadays if you've quested in Uldum, you'll notice very quickly this zone is littered with cut-scenes. Like I think there's like two or three cut scenes per quest you turn in. There are cut scenes within cut scenes. It is crazy.

            Now today I will ask you this question: is it a good addition to the game? Or is it an annoyance? What do you think?

            Personally, I enjoy it. I watch every cinematic that I can. I think it's fun that they use your character as well. My favourite thus far is the manataur movie at the beginning of Uldum; it actually made me laugh out loud. This is something not many things accomplish.

            On the other hand, I know my friends skip the cut scenes. Not because they don't care, it's just they see it as a hindrance to their leveling style. They don't read the quest text, they just want to get to max level. There's nothing wrong with this. I do however feel like these people miss out on awesome moments.

            So what do you think? Do you like the in game movies? Let me know! Tell me what you think in the comments!

            Thursday, December 9, 2010

            First Impressions: Throne of the Tides - "Asilwen Vs. Godzilla Vs. Giant Octopus" Edition

            Today I wanted to cover my first impressions on (as the title suggests) Throne of the Tides, the instance located in Vashj'ir. I guess it could be considered technically the second of the new dungeons. Keep in mind as you read this: I did not read up on anything in this dungeon (nor did my guild group I did this with). So we went into this dungeon in the cold. No information at all. What did we find? Well, do you like the ocean? Giant tentacles/jellyfish? Illogical architecture? Than this is the instance for you, I guess.

            As of writing this, I have not quested in Vashj'ir. So I do not know what's going on down in that ocean. My sea turtle carried me to the dungeon discovery. My lack of knowledge made me excited for the dungeon quest for this instance. So think of my disappointment when I zoned in to find no quest. That seemed to be the theme of this dungeon. There was almost no structure. There was no guide. Sure there was only one way to go, but once we killed the trash it took our jellyfish elevator about five minutes to start working. And when it finally went up, I missed it. Just my luck.

            The whole design of the instance is unique. After the first two bosses you must back track to finish the instance; interesting idea. Not sure if I like it. It kind of ruins the flow. Sure it's different and different is refreshing but that doesn't change the fact there is like no flow to this dungeon. No quest line to sum up what's going on. All of these elements added up to a confused Asil. "So we ride a giant jellyfish up to kill the first boss then another boss crashes through the ceiling? Than we have to kill random goblins who decided to join the party which lead to a mind controlling squid? Then we're gonna help generically named water guy purify water? This makes sense."

            Yes, I know, the quests in Vashj'ir probably explain what happens.
            The bosses in the instance are different to say the least. Okay well maybe some of them are unique. Lady Naz'jar (the first boss) has a cool geyser mechanic that we've seen before in different adaptations, but watching your friends fail at standing in the fire then plummet as a consequence never gets old. If you're a fan of this blog, you'll know already I'm a huge fan of any kind of plummeting. Ceiling boss aka Commander Ulthok (the second boss) is a simple "Don't stand in the bad stuff while tanking fight" or as I like to call it "Put Asil to sleep fight". Erunak Stonespeaker is technically the third boss and his fight is mildly interesting. Sure it might be at it's roots a standard 'turn and burn the MC'd person' fight, but that doesn't change the fact if you get MC'd you get a giant octopus on your face. Screenshot opportunities abound.

            The last boss/event gets it's own paragraph because of how hilarious it was the first time I ever did it (by hilarious I mean you probably had to have been there). Basically the event at the end of the instance (for those of you who haven't done it yet) has you protecting Neptulon as he attempts something my Brita filter has already accomplished: purifying water. The first two phases are fairly simple, just kill trash. It's the final phase that makes it a winner. See, apparently in World of Warcraft purified water makes you turn into a giant super powerful being. Once phase three hits you become incredibly powerful and start taking damage from the AoE that is on every part of the ground. There's two ways you could do this boss (Guess which way the first group I ran this with did it!):

            The correct way: Everyone turns and burns the giant octopus on the ceiling.

            The incorrect way: Everyone runs around like a fool going "zomg look we're hugeeee" as I struggle to keep everyone alive as the ground begins to kill us exponentially faster. Then it was decided that maybe we are supposed to die. It was only after I was the only person alive did we look up to see the octopus we were supposed to kill. Needless to say, if you're a healer, phase three can be solo'd. So feel free to neglect your group!

            In conclusion: It has some interesting ideas, but a lack of flow really makes me not a huge fan. It's not a terrible instance, but it's not something I look forward to doing. And I'm not just being biased because I hate water! Maybe I'm wrong though, what do you think?

            Tuesday, December 7, 2010

            You should be Cataclysming

            If you're reading this, you either:

            A: Didn't buy Cataclysm...

            B: Are on a flight path...

            C: Are at work...

            Whatever the case may be, thanks for tuning in. Sorry to disappoint with today's Tuesday Post. Today will be a short and sweet one because I am busy Cataclysming. Probably by the time this gets posted I will be a sleep deprived zombie grinding Archaeology because I hate myself I guess. Something like that.

            I just wanted to let you know my plans for blogging in Cataclysm today. Some blogs are taking a break. Some blogs are taking an indefinite leave of absence. I however, on the other hand, am not. This makes no sense to me. I enjoy World of Warcraft and I enjoy blogging. Now that there is so much new content to me, I will have seven hundred million thoughts in my head and this shall be my outlet. Prepare for good stuff. Sure the posts might be light the first week of it being out, but I won't stop. I'll be here for you, for those of you who crave updates.

            I still have big things planned. Now hopefully the next time I talk to you all I'll have server first Archaeologist under my belt. That would make me happy.

            So, what are you doing first in Cataclysm?

            Thursday, December 2, 2010

            Vendor Trash Lore: Topper McNabb and the Slimy Rings

            No one can argue with the fact that this game has a ton of lore. Sad thing is, it has a ton of lore about powerful things. Powerful weapons. Important people. And everyone focuses on this lore and forgets about how important some of the other stories are in this game. The untold stories that are often looked over. It is now my goal to tell these stories. Today I shall tell the story of Topper McNabb and the Slimy Rings.

            Long ago, long before any player set foot in Azeroth, Jerry Denman decided it was time he opened up a Jewelry shop of his own. He had been working as an apprentice in Ironforge and soon found he had become better than his teacher and felt he was holding him back. He was thankful, but Jerry had dreams of becoming a world famous jewelcrafter. So he thanked his mentor for his effort, than made his way to Stormwind to start up his business.

            Business was fantastic right from the start. Maybe even too good, because soon Jerry became overwhelmed with the amount of business he was getting. And the news that he was the most skilled jeweler in Azeroth spread like wildfire, thus insuring he would remain busy. He realized he needed to hire an assistant to help him out. Quickly.

            Mr. Denman spread flyers around Stormwind advertising the position and over one hundred citizens answered the call to craft. Jerry had to sort through all of these people. After hundreds of thousands of smashed gems, bent rings, and shattered necklaces he phased out almost all of his hopefuls. Only two people remained: Thomas Miller and (to every one's surprise) Topper McNabb.

            Thomas Miller was as skilled as any newcomer could be. He had the grace of a swan when he cut gems. The finesse of a rogue when he etched designs. The greatness of a- You get the point. Thomas Miller was a fantastic option for an assistant. His only flaw was his attitude. He was good, and he knew it. His ego was bigger than a certain dragon's chin, and that's saying something. Jerry hated this. There's nothing more he hated than a giant ego.

             Topper McNabb on the other hand was not skilled at anything. He crushed jewels, destroyed tiaras, and somehow set the building on fire seven times. The only reason he still remained a hopeful was Jerry loved his spirit. His sense of wanting to be the best, regardless of the fact he was a klutz. Mr. Denman saw promise.

            There's three things Jerry knew about Topper McNabb. He's clumsy. He's gullible. And he loves squirrels. Mr. Denman figured he could live with all three of these things, and offered Topper McNabb the job. This infuriated Thomas Miller.

            Business was booming as always (despite Toppers constant struggles) and soon the two of them became the richest people in Azeroth. Customers came from far away to get some of their jewelry. Life couldn't get better for either of them, especially Topper. Before he had this job he had nothing, and now he had everything. He was living large. If only he could stop dropping things, then his life would be perfect.

            Thomas Miller on the other hand (after being denied his dream job) was forced to find another means of living: becoming a bread vendor. As he endlessly walked around the middle of Stormwind he constantly swore he'd get revenge on Topper. Thomas kept making plans in his head on how he would do it too. None of them seemed effective, until one day the most brilliant plan of all got concocted and set into motion as soon as he finished with his bread rounds for the day.

            Back at the shop Jerry got mail regarding some rings that were made in Searing Gorge by the Thorium Brotherhood that they wanted to sell him. These rings weren't just any rings. These rings were the basis to Golden Rings of Power, Jerry's signature design. It was great timing too, because he desperately needed some. He was almost out of stock and people were getting restless. If he didn't get these rings soon it would be bad news. Seeing as Jerry had a bum leg, he couldn't make the journey himself, he needed Topper to go.

            Jerry was nervous at first to ask this of him. When the time came, Jerry sat Topper down and told him that he needed him to travel to the Searing Gorge and retrieve the sack of rings. Mr. Denman emphasized greatly on how important these rings are and how they will make or break his business. Topper, not wanting to let him down, promised he would be more careful on this trip and would get them no problem.

            A smile appeared on the eavesdropping Thomas Miller, it was time.

            After making the preparations needed for the trip Topper set off. It was a rather uneventful journey there, and after a couple days of walking he made it safely. He was greeted kindly by the Brotherhood and Topper gave them the money in exchange for the rings. Topper found it odd they put the rings in a giant bag instead of a safer alternative, but nonetheless he was happy he hadn't messed up yet.

            He thanked the Thorium Brotherhood for their hospitality and was off again back to Stormwind. After quickly realizing he forgot to set his hearthstone there, he sadly began his walk back. After (surprisingly) another uneventful journey Topper found himself proud as ever. There he was, staring at the gates of Stormwind with the bag of rings on his back. He did it! He didn't mess up.

            Topper pranced over to the squirrel gleefully. It didn't run away when he neared. Topper was in heaven... until he realized it wasn't a real squirrel. Topper than looked up just in time to see a shadowy figure shove him and his rings into the watery descent below. The last thing Topper remembered before hitting the water was a faint smell of bread.

            After swimming around the waters for some time trying to find the rings Topper gave up. Topper knew these waters were filled with Royal Monkfish, and those creatures love eating shiny things. Searching was futile since they probably had all gotten eaten. He headed back to Jerry's and hoped he was in a forgiving mood. He was wrong. This was the final straw for Jerry. Without hesitation he fired Topper. He didn't believe Topper's story. "A shadowy figure?" he said, "Right... I think you were just trying to balance on the side of the bridge and fell in." Soon after the firing of Topper the business went under and Jerry retired for good and decided to start a family instead of rebuilding his empire.

            No one knows for sure who pushed Topper into the water. Ever since that day though, Thomas Miller always does his rounds with a spring in his step, and a crooked smile whenever he sees Topper at his street-side corner begging for gold.

            Tuesday, November 30, 2010

            Basic Dungeon Etiquette

            With the introduction of the Looking For Dungeon system we all have been spoiled, especially those who never seriously played before it was implemented. Also with the new system it has caused servers to lose a lot of community it once had. I'm not here to say I hate the dungeon system, because I love it. It would've made my life seventy-five thousand times easier when I leveled my priest from 13-70 all in dungeons during Burning Crusade.

            Sadly with the new system the worst change in my opinion is we've now made it so there's a second level of anonymity in this game. You join the Random Heroic queue and when it pops you are almost never put with people of your same server. You don't know these people. And players take advantage of this by doing things they normally wouldn't do. Like before Frozen Orb looting got changed people would ninja those. Or if a BoE ever drops people do whatever they can to need it. Why? Because they will never see these people again. There are no consequences. These people they've been paired with are nothing more than fictional tools to them. Tools they use to take advantage of the Dungeon Finder.

            So after thinking about this I've grown concerned. I mean let's face it, Wrath of the Lich King five man dungeons were a cake walk. There was essentially no challenge outside of raiding. Players who primarily played in WotLK don't know how to handle five man dungeons that require skill and have difficulty. The hardest dungeon in Wrath was The Halls of Reflection and if you've ever gotten it on heroic, you'll always notice at least one or two people will leave the group after loading in. Why? Because it's too hard. I've got bad news for those two people in groups: Cataclysm heroics are designed for difficulty.

            So today I wanted to do sort of a public service announcement regarding etiquette in five man dungeons, as I feel like some of the community needs a refresher.

            (For the record, I realized halfway through making this post that there is a thread on the MMO-Champion forums about a very similar topic to that of which I wrote about for today. You can find this excellent post here. This post is in no way me copying what the other guy said or anything, I guess we can just consider this my opinion on the subject. Please don't comment and say I copied because well, I didn't =P)

            Know the instance? Help your group!

            If you've done a heroic before and someone in your group hasn't, this isn't the time to try to feel superior and grief them. This is your time to help them. If you don't say anything about how boss fights work and someone asked earlier if there's anything they should know about the dungeon, you're doing it wrong. Help your group! Dungeons and raids are about team work, not about getting you geared at the expense of others. Just because someone has never done a dungeon doesn't make them bad.

            However, on another note. There is such thing as too much help. Too much help would be trying to explain every trash pull (even if it's the same trash pull over and over) or trying to tell someone how to play their class. If the person asked how to play their class better, that's different. But don't go off on rants about how that person is doing their class horribly and blah blah blah. That is not your call. At least not in a random five man dungeon.

            If someone is failing at polymorphing a target, don't say "YOU FAIL YOU SHOULD JUST /UNINSTALL YOU'RE TERRIBLE RAWRAWRARWARAWR I'M SUPERIOR ON THE INTERNET." 
            Instead, just say "Hey I think we might need a polymorph on *target*, can you help us out *mage name*." Now if he says doesn't have polymorph, then you might have some problems.

            Dungeon Guide doesn't help you queue faster, so only click it if you are going to help guide your group!

            I get tired of seeing this. People click dungeon guide on their role tab only because they think it queues them faster, then when we get into the group they have no intention of helping. So seeing as I already covered the topic of helping your group above, I'll keep this paragraph short and simple.

            Bottom line: Only hit Dungeon Guide if you are going to help.

            If you are the tank you are not the King/Queen of the group.

            Just because you have instant queues doesn't mean you're better than everyone else. This goes for healers as well. They're called five man dungeons, you need DPS/Healers/Tanks equally. Think you're better than your group? Go try to solo the dungeon, then tell me how awesome you are. Leave your ego with your raiding guild, I'm sure you guys are awesome or something.

            Do not ninja!

            This is pretty self explanatory. Just because you will never see these people again doesn't mean you should ninja things. I personally have zero tolerance for people ninjaing items. It's not funny, it's not cute, it's immature. Grow up. Also along these lines is...

            If you need something for off-spec, ask the group first before needing!

            Someone else may need that same thing for main spec. They should get priority if that's the case. Don't even give me the reason of you'll never see them again, blah blah blah. Whatever, loot drops again. Main spec in a dungeon should get priority without a doubt. Be nice and stop being so selfish. 

            You will wipe. When it happens, do not rage quit.

            I don't blame the people who never did Burning Crusade heroics and only did Wrath heroics for leaving groups when they wipe. They were raised wrong. They were raised in world where if a group wipes it wasn't because an encounter was difficult, it was because the group was clearly bad since there really was no challenge in five mans.

            However, this needs to change. People need to get used to the idea that wipes will happen. If you leave a group every time a group wipes, you will get no where. If you tear into someone whenever there's a wipe and tell them that they're reason you failed, you will get no where. Dungeons, raids, battlegrounds all have one thing in common: team work. Work as a team and be supportive and you'll go places.

            When you wipe run back!

            Wipes are not the time to go AFK and assume the healer will revive you. Unless you ask and the healer okays it do not AFK during this time. Run back to your body then get back to where you were in the instance THEN do your business. As a healer I do not revive people who do not run back. I have to run back, why don't you? I am not your spiritual servant, stop being lazy!

             Do not go AFK for longer than a minute!

            Nothing worse than zoning into a fresh instance then you see the dreaded words "Brb a few minutes." from the tank. It's like, really? Don't queue if you'll have to leave the computer for longer than a minute in the near future! Not that hard and it really kills the group's spirit.

            Let the tank pull.

            Pretty self explanatory. Impatient DPS, please calm down. It will save your life. Coming from a Healer, I don't heal people who pull for the tank (unless it's a hunter, obviously). And if you're in that big a rush, you probably shouldn't have joined the queue in the first place. All you'll accomplish from pulling before the tank is looking like a fool with yo corpse on the ground (old joke is old). If the tank is pulling slower than you'd prefer, calmly and politely ask if he wouldn't mind pulling a little faster. It's as easy as that.

            If the item you wanted didn't drop, do not leave group!

            This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves in the age of the dungeon tool. People will join up for an instance, if what they wanted didn't drop off the first boss they'd leave without saying a word. I don't have words for how selfish this is. You really don't have time to complete the dungeon? Not like they take that long. People continue to surpass my expectations when it comes to their greed. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, something else happens. But I guess that's the Internet for you.

            If you're a gatherer (mining/skinning/herbalism) please ask before taking nodes!

            Skinning may be the exception here, but definitely for mining and herbalism please ask before you take the nodes. Nothing worse than right as we pull a pack nearby a mineral node some rogue hops over there while I'm healing and snatches it while I'm busy actually helping the group. It's as simple as having everyone roll for it. Or even splitting all the nodes if there are enough in the instance. Stop being greedy.

            Don't feed trolls!

            People will make problems in groups. It's just a fact of life. Being anonymous makes people think they're tough guys, everyone knows this. But don't let them win. They want you to react, they want you to rage. Don't give in. If ignoring doesn't work and you can't vote kick them from the group, report them. Do not fight back. Blizzard takes harassment seriously, trust me I know. Live by example, someone not raging will discourage them.

            Play like you are raiding!

            People seem to think that just because it's a five man dungeon that you don't have to try as hard, or give it your best effort. Why do people think this? If you try your best it gets done faster. If you wouldn't normally stand in the fire, don't do it in five mans. It's not funny and wastes time. Play like you're raiding. Now this doesn't mean take it so seriously that no ones having fun, but don't be foolish!

            If you follow these tips you will be a great example of the awesome people that do actually play this game, and make your group that much more pleasant to be in. Groups can be awful, but also groups can be amazing and provide memorable experiences.

            One person can make a change in people's behaviour, be that person. You'll be doing the whole World of Warcraft a favour.

            Thursday, November 25, 2010

            Ask Asil: Mystery Elf Edition

            Surprisingly to me, I've actually gotten a couple e-mails with questions. So I wanted to take a moment to answer them in a new segment called "Ask Asil" (I'm so clever).

            Anonymous asks, "I love hearing about people's weird statistics, what are some cool/weird/awesome statistics you have on your priest?"

            This question reminded me that the statistics tab exists. I always forget about it, but it's always fun to look around and see all of the statistics of my journeys... Well I do have some interesting ones. Here's a list of stats I've deemed noteworthy:
            • 35,673 Auctions posted
            • 122 Mounts
            • 128 Vanity Pets
            • 5,778 Greed Rolls
            • 6,217 Fish Caught (9,894 if you include non fish)
            • 7,309 Deaths
            • 385,776 Creatures Killed
            • 1,111 Times I've used my Hearthstone (Make a wish!)
            Evvia asks, "What's the first thing you did after The Shattering happened?"

            Do you mean like the moment it happened? I cried inside. Or do you mean in game activity. If you mean the latter, the first thing I did was run all the way to Hillsbrad and did the "Peacebloom Vs. Ghouls" quest chain for that adorable Singing Sunflower pet. Everyone should do this quest. It. Is. Awesome.

            Anonymous asks, "In your opinion what's the fastest way to level now?"

            With the new revamped world, quests are fun and more intuitive and aren't just "Go kill X of Y". However, if you are a class that can heal or tank I strongly suggest that (if you're going for speed) you spec tank or heals and use the Random Dungeon finder to dungeon grind your way through the levels. With redesigned old world dungeons and quest chains already inside the instances, it hardly feels like a grind. In fact I'm in the process of doing this exact method on my Warrior. It is fun. You won't regret it. Oh and to add to it, you'll maintain having good gear throughout your leveling... unless you have terrible luck with drops.

            However, this is a game after all, you really should play the way you have fun. It doesn't matter if you get to max level the fastest in the world if you're not having fun doing it.

            Galfrida asks, "Why is it in some of your screenshots there's a blood elf priest then in other pictures you're a draenei? Do you have two priests or something? And on that note, why do you use so many screenshots in posts when not many other blogs do?"

            To answer your first question: I played Horde for like three years or something along those lines. Any pictures you see of a Blood Elf priestess is Asilwen back in the day. When I look for screenshots for posts I forage through my screenshots folder and see if I can reuse any pictures I've taken previously because I take a ton of pictures in game. I am Alliance now, and any pictures of a Draenei priestess you see are newer ones.

            To answer your second question: I am a visual person. I also try to write blog entries that I would read if I found this blog randomly. That includes pictures. I love pictures and screenshots, even if they're dumb. Throw a wall of text at me and I probably won't read it. Throw some text in between some shiny pictures and I become more intrigued to read. I won't overdo it with the pictures, but I feel they add a bit of flair and make it more visually pleasing.

            Drama says, "I liked your last entry. It was different and more blog like. Can we expect more of that in the future?"

            Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Yes it was kind of different than previous posts, it was more of a blog format you are correct. I started typing on the subject and I just couldn't stop. Yes you can expect more of that, more than likely that will become the norm for Tuesday Posts.

            Asilwen asks, "Hey you're pretty much the most awesome person ever, how can I get more of your insight?!"

            You could follow me on twitter here!

            Those are all my questions for today, if you have any questions for me send them my way through e-mail at asilwensadventures@gmail.com or leave a comment!

            Tuesday, November 23, 2010

            Pride and Warcraft

            I've been thinking a lot lately about things I've done in the World of Warcraft over the years and mentally organized them and labeled them accordingly. Labels like "Moments I regret" or "Moments of bad assery" and others. But the one category that stuck out to me most was "Moments I was most proud of".

             What makes you experience a feeling of pride in a video game? When you finally get a weapon you've been working toward a while? Or maybe when that mount you've been farming for for weeks finally dropped? Get a character to the highest level allowed? Just like a lot of things, we all have our own perceptions as to what fills us with pride and what are deemed "memorable". Many of you may not find anything worth mentally archiving in a video game; while others may find a figurative gold mine of things to save in their mind forever.

            A lot of people may argue and say video games can't be so involving that they invoke immortal memories, but those people probably have never been seriously interested in games. Anything can be meaningful, it's really just up to the person. And that's how I see memories, things that are meaningful to you. Events that you want to carry with you for a while or even forever. Moments that enable you to go back in time and potentially re-inspire you.

            Do people influence how important you consider circumstances to be? How many memories do you have that just include yourself and no one else? It's definitely a variable, but not necessary. I can at least think of a few worth noting that I did by myself. But the thing is, they aren't as important to me. If I ranked them in importance, the experiences I shared with others in the World of Warcraft seem way more important. I guess that makes sense, considering this IS an MMO.

            Anyway, back to the important question. What makes you feel proud in the World of Warcraft. When I say "proud" I mean you feel accomplished, where you enjoy telling your friends. Not bragging, but pride! I'm so proud of some things I tell my non-WoW friends and always get that "Cool story bro" look, but I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I'M SO PROUD OF IT! Does having a rare mount make you proud? Or are you proud of something that isn't bound to an achievement in the game, say leveling a character to eighty in three weeks with no Bind on Account gear? Or are you the opposite and only find pride in the things that have proof to them, proof being actual in game achievements or feats of strength. What makes you overflowing with pride that it just bursts out of the seems of you until you start telling your cat about how awesome your new title is.

            If you asked me what moment in my WoW playing lifetime I'm most proud of, I wouldn't be able to answer right away. There are too many that I am personally proud of that I wouldn't know which tops which. This way of thinking got me curious even more so to find out what other people are proud of. So I went on a journey to ask people and NPCs alike the not so simple question: "What are you most proud of in WoW?". Their answers differed.

            One person I asked said that his most proud moment of WoW was doing an Undying run of Naxxramas with eight people and succeeding. Another person (after much self-deliberation) said his proudest moment was his Hunter's first epic way back in the original WoW. The thing I noticed though as I asked people about their memories was no one knew right away, it was always a hard decision. However, a majority of the people I asked exclaimed there's not much they've ever done in WoW that they were legitimately proud of. I guess I can understand that though. I can understand it, but definitely not relate.

            "My guild I lead a while ago after the first guild downing of 10 man TotC."
            What makes me proud of myself when it comes to WoW? A majority of the people I talked with asked me the same question afterwards, and just assumed my answer would be my Ashes of Al'ar. I don't see it that way. Sure, I'm very happy I have that mount and am proud no doubt of it, but for different reasons. All I did for that mount was get lucky and have a raid leader accidentally leave the loot options on group loot and I rolled a 99 need roll. Being proud of my phoenix really just says "I'm proud of having RNG go in my favour for once."

            After much thought I did come up with an answer though. And it doesn't even have anything much to do about the game itself, more the social aspect. I'm proud of my ability to lead raids and a guild. My raids and guilds haven't been that successful in terms of "super srs raiders" that min/max everything, but successful in a way that I'm happy. There's been rough moments, of course. But I must admit it puts a smile on my face when I have old friends asking when I'm going to put together a guild again, and tell me how I'm the best guild leader ever. Who knows if they're being truthful, I'll just let it slide. Like I said, my guilds were never that successful, but when I run a guild and a raid, downing even just one boss makes me feel more proud than any Ashes of Al'ar could.

            Thursday, November 18, 2010

            Patch Notes Simplified: Patch 4.0.3

            The patch that just came out Tuesday brought a few changes. Here are the patch notes, simplified, for those of you who don't like words! (Read along with the real patch notes here)

            • Hey guys Cataclysm is coming December 7th, if you haven't heard yet!
            • The leader of Wintergrasp raids can no longer kick players from the raid. We secretly endorse griefing so we took our time.
            • If your group wipes while using the Looking For Dungeon tool, we now have made it easier for your fail self to find your way back, since we're assuming if you wipe in any of the current dungeons, you need all the help you can get.
            • Honorable Kills are no longer awarded for killing players below level 5... GG Botters.
            Patch notes continue after the jump!

            Tuesday, November 16, 2010

            Questaclysm: The Quests You Need To Do BEFORE Cataclysm!

            We are now less than a month away from the destruction that will be Deathwing's return, when the entirety of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor will be changed forever. And with this change will come new quests, and the abolishing of old ones. Today I wanted to compose a list of quests you really should do before Cataclysm for various reasons. Sure, not all the quests on this list will be removed in Cataclysm but I really don't know which ones will be so you should do them all just in case! 

            These quests are important in different ways, either from just having an awesome experience in the game, to giving vanity items, or to earn you some rare achievements. Want to fight a giant shark? Want to get your very own furry costume? Want to get a boomerang? Want to experience one of the most anticlimactic quest chains in the game? Stay tuned after the jump and learn how!

            Thursday, November 11, 2010

            WoW Secrets: Meet Frankwarrior

            My alt, Frankwarrior, has been receiving these anonymous post cards in the mail from all sorts of NPCs and players, sharing their World of Warcraft secrets anonymously. I've decided to compile some of the secrets into a post to show what players around the World of Warcraft are keeping to themselves! Enjoy!

            (If you haven't caught on, this is clearly a parody of Frank Warren and his Post Secret project.)

            And with that, I present you WoW Secrets! The confessions are after the jump!

            Tuesday, November 9, 2010

            A Look Back at the "Raids of the Lich King"

            With the impending Cataclysmic events coming in about a month I felt it necessary to take a moment and reflect at all of the raiding that happened in the Wrath of the Lich King story line for the past two years (yes it's been that long), and rate them as to what I consider the worst, and the best. This excludes The Ruby Sanctum, because that is the first raid of the Cataclysm story line. So, Ruby Sanctum fan-boys feel free to stop reading..

            ...I'll give you a moment to leave...

            ...You gone?...

            Fair enough. The list is after the jump! Enjoy!

            Friday, November 5, 2010

            Dueling Perspectives: Battle Rez Limits in Cataclysm

            Admittedly, ever since that fateful day on April 14th, 2009 when I paid one thousand gold to my trainer for "dual spec" (Which is now 100g, damn you Blizzard, where's my refund?), Asilwen became two different people with two differing opinions on many things. Sometimes these two versions of her talk to each other, and argue their points. Today I decided to document their argument over a new change in the Cataclysm Beta on how combat resurrections will work in Cataclysm raiding. If you haven't heard, this is what's going on.

            Recently Blizzard announced their new plans on how battle resurrections will work in Cataclysm raiding:

            For ten man raids: One Druid Rebirth or Warlock Soul Stone resurrections per raid encounter attempt.

            For twenty-five man raids: Three Druid Rebirths or Warlock Soul Stone resurrections per raid encounter attempt.

            Well what does this mean? It could mean different things, I'll give you my opinion and a summary of both sides after we see both perspectives argue this topic.

            Today's Dueling Debaters are...
            Discipline Asilwen (Or as I'll refer to her in context, "Light") who thinks this is a good change.
            Shadow Asilwen (Or as I'll refer to her in context, "Shadow") who thinks this is a bad change.

            Duel begins after the break in...

            Thursday, November 4, 2010

            A New Meaning To "Hearthstones"

            Sometimes the World of Warcraft inspires real life. Is this the case with this photo?
            Probably not, but I'd like to think so.

            That's right friends. My town hosts it's own Hearthstone Family Practice.

            And remember, for all your pediatrics and or gynecological needs, set your hearth to Hearthstone Family Practice!

            Tuesday, November 2, 2010

            Just /Dance (Spin That Record Babe)

            When Wrath of the Lich King was first announced at Blizzcon they showed the trailer for features you could expect to see in the upcoming expansion. And for the most part, they lived up to all of their announcements... except for the most important of them all: The Dance Studio. I have been looking forward to this more than anything, ever. Especially back in the day when I was a Blood Elf female, who has one of the worst dances in the game. I still want it now, since Draenei Female dance sucks as well. Anyway, at the most recent Blizzcon they answered a question regarding how the Dance Studio is progressing. Here is what they said-

            "...we just want to see when to introduce it, we need to make sure to add a LOT of new dances, whenever the animators have free time we make them make new dances. We wanted it to be a cool feature too, there wasn't much game-play in the barbershop for example, we want to add more game-play."

            This, to me, was the BIG NEWS of Blizzcon. For them to say they're adding dances when they have time and that's why it's taking a while is amazing news for people who care, like myself. Then it got me thinking, what dances would be cool to see? So here is a list of some dances I'd like to see in the game!
            *giant post of videos crits you for 9,001*

            Friday, October 29, 2010

            How To Get Your Low Level Character "The Hallowed".

            That's right, it's completely possible. As you can see from that horribly low resolution picture, I had helped my friend who rerolled on my server attain this title! I'll explain the more difficult achievements and how we accomplished this after the break.

            Monday, October 25, 2010

            Noggenfogger Roulette and Other Ideas to Beat the Pre-Cataclysm FunDrought

            As the incredibly long title suggests, I have compiled a couple ideas that you and a couple of friends can do to help beat that boredom that comes with the time right before an expansion. Tired of farming gold (loldailies)? Need a break from Zul'Gurub Mount runs? Tired of raiding Icecrown Citadel every week? Well then good news everyone! I've fixed the poison slime pipes AND have some ideas to cure your insatiable boredom, after the jump break.

            Friday, October 22, 2010

            What We're About (An Introduction, Perhaps?)


             Hello there! I just wanted to give a brief introduction about why this WoW-Blog exists and why you should read it and what it's purpose is!
            The reason this blog exists is so I can humorously (while still being informative) give you guides, lists, and other things based on World of Warcraft. This blog isn't Faction Specific (although I am an Alliance only player) and doesn't really favour anything in terms of anything. Really I just want to inform you and make you laugh at the same time (Or at least try to.)

            But who am I? Let me tell you. My main character's name is Asilwen, on the Azgalor server. I play a disc/shadow priest!Come stalk me, no please, I need friends =(. I've played WoW for about four years or so, something like that, I stopped counting after one day.

            About the blog: This WoW blog will contain various posts, like How to guides on how to obtain pets, or how to make a lot of gold. Other posts may involve lists, or anything really. I will update every Tuesday definitely, and pending how busy I am throughout the week I will update randomly on other days, but at least one update every Tuesday!

            I'd love to tell you more about myself, but really, the best way to get you to continue reading my blog is with good posts, so why don't I let my posts do the introducing for me. IF you have any questions please e-mail me at asilwensadventures@gmail.com. If I get enough questions I will make a regular post involving answering your questions as informatively/humorously as possible! Thanks and enjoy reading!