Thursday, November 18, 2010

Patch Notes Simplified: Patch 4.0.3

The patch that just came out Tuesday brought a few changes. Here are the patch notes, simplified, for those of you who don't like words! (Read along with the real patch notes here)

  • Hey guys Cataclysm is coming December 7th, if you haven't heard yet!
  • The leader of Wintergrasp raids can no longer kick players from the raid. We secretly endorse griefing so we took our time.
  • If your group wipes while using the Looking For Dungeon tool, we now have made it easier for your fail self to find your way back, since we're assuming if you wipe in any of the current dungeons, you need all the help you can get.
  • Honorable Kills are no longer awarded for killing players below level 5... GG Botters.
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User Interface
  • PETA won the lawsuit and we are now required to include pets in the default raid frames. Thank them when your local hunter cries about his beloved generically named pet not getting healed.
  • Hey we altered the UI scale so that it's smaller with High Resolution. Cool story huh?
  • Players may now adjust the local "Lag Tolerance" time for better precision of spell timing. This is an advanced-users-only feature found in the Interface Options (Combat) panel. Sadly we were unable to include an adjust option for your raid leader's "Lag Tolerance". Mid-raid downloaders beware.

Bug Fixes
  • We Buffed Macros.
  • Queuing in Looking For Dungeon for a different wing of the instance a player is already in now works properly. For example, a party can now queue for Scarlet Monastery - Library after completing Scarlet Monastery - Graveyard.
  • Killing the right bosses at the right time now gives the right rewards.
  • Repeatedly gear-stalking other players should now function correctly.
  • Area heal-over-time effects should no longer cause players to stand up. But good news! Penance still looks like you're hurting your allies when you use it on them.
  • Male blood elves have received a crash course in dancing and now know to stop dancing when they run... Wait, there are male blood elves? I thought when you created a blood elf you only had one gender option... hmmmm.
  • Drake mounts have gotten bored with gliding and will flap their wings again when flying forward. This is great news for those of you still rocking your Bronze Drake.
  • Druid changes.
  • Druid changes.
  • GM Ticket messages should now displace buff icons instead of obscuring them. So that Asil doesn't die because of overshooting a jump because I couldn't click off my slow fall BECAUSE of my GM ticket, thus making me plummet very far away to my intended landing. True story.
Pretty uneventful patch if you ask me. What do you think of these patch notes? Let me know in the comments below or e-mail me at

On an unrelated note: I have been sick the past few days so thus a lack of updates, I have big things in store for the upcoming week. So once again I apologize for the lack of updates and or lack of quality, but let me assure you when I feel better good things are in store!

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