Monday, October 25, 2010

Noggenfogger Roulette and Other Ideas to Beat the Pre-Cataclysm FunDrought

As the incredibly long title suggests, I have compiled a couple ideas that you and a couple of friends can do to help beat that boredom that comes with the time right before an expansion. Tired of farming gold (loldailies)? Need a break from Zul'Gurub Mount runs? Tired of raiding Icecrown Citadel every week? Well then good news everyone! I've fixed the poison slime pipes AND have some ideas to cure your insatiable boredom, after the jump break.

Crashin' Thrashin' Racer Fights

You can easily pick one of these racers up in Dalaran, and with enough friends these things can be all kinds of fun and could lead to intense dog fights... or not. Depends on how into it you get. Organizing fights with these cars can be fun, and you could even get into it by holding fights with your friends in various arenas, like on top of a mushroom in Zangarmarsh, on a floating island in Nagrand, or on top of Utgarde Keep (The one in Howling Fjord, not the instance). There are all kinds of possibilities for different scenery for your fights, the only thing stopping you is you (and maybe a lack of friends)!

Hide and Seek

Yes, the game you played as a kid can still be as entertaining in a virtual setting and with strangers. Pick your favourite zone and go crazy! Nominate one person to hide and everyone has to go find them without using track humanoids (That means you hunters... well then again, if anyone plays a hunter as a main they probably need any advantage they can get*). This game is extremely fun and I have played it with many people. Some of the best zones to pick are Silithus, Blade's Edge Mountains, Desolace, and Winterspring. But I guess any zone/city can be fun, you just need some friends to join you! And if this isn't exciting enough for you, you can add a bit of danger by playing in a city of the enemy faction. Nothing like trying to find your hidden friend while fighting off endlessly spawning guards and lowbies who seem to think they can kill you. Let's just hope you guys can hide better than I can.

Deadmines Racing

Not many instances are like the Deadmines in that you enter at one point and exit at another. So why not take advantage of this? Head to Westfall with your friends and line up at the entrance and see who can make it through the fastest. Want to spice it up even more? Split up into teams and make it a relay race. Or do a time trial if you don't have friends or are just that bored. Don't forget to have a picnic at the end of your racing, since who knows what that "beautiful" beach front will look like in a couple months.

 Noggenfogger Roulette

I've saved what I consider to be my best idea for last. To enjoy this game, you must have access to Noggenfogger Elixir. It's a pretty simple quest chain if you haven't done it before. Once everyone has a good supply of Noggenfogger elixirs (I'd guess around 100-200 will do.) Go find a target to land on, say one of the towers on top of Hellfire Ramparts, or a mushroom in Zangarmarsh, or a floating rock in any zone in Outlands. Have everyone get on a flying mount and fly straight up, as high as possible. Once at maximum altitude, count down, then have everyone demount at the same time. Once demounted start spam clicking Noggenfogger. Since Noggenfogger elixirs have a one in three chance of giving you slow fall, you essentially win if you can get the slow fall and still land on the target platform (make sure not to push any buttons as it may cause you to fall at a slant). Clearly the losers are the ones that do not get slow fall and plummet to their death. Play until one person is left standing. This game is loads of fun and I have played it with about ten people at once in the past, and there's not much more satisfying in game then watching a raid of your friends plummet to their death. (Mages/Priests/Paladins/Engineers/Anyone who can avoid fall damage deaths or slow their fall: No one likes a cheater, and it can ruin the whole fun of the game, so don't cheat.) This game is way more fun if you have everyone who is dead stay dead, so you have a bunch of corpses at the drop zone.

So I hope you enjoyed my ideas, sure they won't help you be productive in any way but this is a game after all. Play to have fun! If you and your friends decide to do any of my ideas, take some screen shots and post them in the comments or e-mail them to me and I'll include them in an upcoming post. So now I ask, how do you beat the boredom that is the pre-Cataclysm doldrums? Let me know in the comments below!

As always if you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to e-mail me at

*I don't mean that hunters**, I'm sure hunter is the hardest class to play and isn't easy mode at all.

**Just kidding, I do.


  1. Before a raid, get in touch with your friendly neighbourhood warlock and druid.
    You, the lock and the druid fly up to a very high point within the same zone as the raid entrance.
    Open your warlock portal on the edge of a cliff or something similar that juts out over a drop long enough to be fatal.
    At this point, the druid goes into flight form, out over the edge as far as he can while still being able to click the portal, and begins a summon. You or the warlock assists from the cliff edge.

    Best hope your guildmates checked their mail for the noggenfoggers you mailed them earlier with "This will be handy later :)"!

  2. Noggenfogger Roulette reminds me of playing chicken with the other priests in my guild back in BC: Fly to max height above Shattrath, dismount. Last one to hit levitate AND not go splat on the ground wins. (Needless to say, there was a lot of splatting).