Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Battleground Basics: How to Win Warsong Gulch

I've been doing some battlegrounds lately, trying to get more honour to get a full PvP set so I can look like a real guild leader of a "PvP" guild. I usually just queue by myself, or with a couple of friends. This can be incredibly frustrating because a lot of people don't understand basic concepts. And I can't help but think if only people would just think then we'd win way more. So I have decided to write up a few public service announcements with general tips and tricks to each of the battlegrounds. I'll start off with the first one you encounter: Warsong Gulch.

Don't Fight in the Middle

This might be the simplest of advice, but it's the most important. I see this all the time. People sit in the middle and just endless run in and fight. Ignoring all objectives. Battlegrounds are for objective based PvP, if you don't want to go for objectives go organize world PvP. I play battlegrounds to win, and so do a majority of the player base. Not to farm honourable kills. No one cares if you're making some super sweet PvP video and you want to camp their graveyard for "crazy awesome 1337" footage.

Does this mean to keep running if you get attacked? In most cases yes, absolutely. I get away most of the time. If they chase just make them follow you to an objective, then kill them with friends! This way you can kill and be productive at the same time, pretty awesome I know right.

Objectives in Warsong Gulch would be anywhere near a Flag Carrier (either enemy or friendly), your base (defending your flag if it's there), or enemy base (trying to get flag back). Anywhere else and you're just wasting a player spot.

If You Aren't Geared Don't Grab the Flag

Pretty simple as well. Let someone less squishy take it. Unless you're a druid/shaman who are just going to transport it to the base, then pass it to someone else.

This rule should be ignored if the flag is dropped and someone needs to grab it, then anyone should grab it if they can. It could save the game and make you e-popular for a few minutes!

While Carrying the Flag Prioritize Getting to Your Base Over Fighting

The way I see it, in most PuG battlegrounds the flag carrier should worry more about getting to safety/capping flag then fighting their way across. Just keep trying to run. Simple as that. The reason I bring this up is because when I PvP in non-arenas I do it as Holy, and whenever I shield as holy you get a sprint. So I hate when I give people sprint, only to seem them no longer running but instead trying to pick off that one person to get their one honour kill. 

Kill the Healers

I mean this one is pretty obvious in any scenario, but if you seem to be beating on that flag carrier and he doesn't seem to be dying, you might want to switch to the healer. I really shouldn't have to say this tip, but hey I've seen so many people not doing it so I figured I should bring it up.

Don't Take the Sprint Buff in the Tunnel When You're Running in to Grab the Flag

This drives me crazy. I see this a lot. People grab the flag when they run in. Why not save it for the flag carrier when they're running out of the tunnel? I mean sure they could be planning on not exiting through the tunnel, but if the buff is up I don't see why you shouldn't.

Also if you're not carrying the flag and there's a friendly flag carrier near you, let them have it. Please? For me? Thanks.

(I guess I should also note to flag carriers: don't run too far away from your healers. It's a team game and going off on your own will make you die quickly in most situations. Use your head.)

When Assaulting Enemy Keep to Get the Flag Back, Go in Together

Going in one by one will get you no where fast. Group up outside, then go in. Use battleground chat to be organized. Organization and communication win games.

Don't Farm the Graveyard When You're Winning

It's really unsportsmanlike for one, and secondly it gets you no where fast. Most people do BG's to get honour. You get more honour if you finish the game quickly then queue for another one. Trust me, it's true! So don't farm the graveyard, it makes me sad inside whenever people do.

 Now keep in mind these tips and tricks don't work in every BG, and pre-mades may have different strategies. This guide was to help you in general, for when you solo queue or queue with your friends. Also, I am not saying I am the best player in the world by giving these tips. I am just trying to give advice to players that may be confused about the purpose of battlegrounds. I hate losing when people do dumb things. So if you want to win, following these simple an obvious tips will immediately improve your performance in Warsong Gulch and make you a way better team player!

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  1. Great post!

    I agree with all the points you made. Including now campling the enemy Graveyard!