Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guest Post: Vulpixie's Cheap Shot

This is a guest post by my friend Vulpixie (formerly Galfrid). He has been wanting to contribute a sort of a weekly rant post for my blog to fill the void that is my anger and frustration, seeing as I am reasonably calm a majority of time when it comes to everything. A lot of things easily enrage him: wiping on Maexxna, miniature golf, skateboarding video games, and this week feral druids. Please leave some feedback in the comments, as if people like his posts he shall continue them! Enjoy!

I started playing WoW 5 years ago around patch 1.1. I’ve raided during every expansion at least a little bit. Played a hunter in Vanilla and BC, and a druid all through Wrath. Currently I’m playing an Assassination rogue and loving it. I’ve mainly been focusing on pvp, due to our guild and the condition of heroics (40 minute queues just to fail). I’ve been in quite a few guilds and done enough in the game that I believe I can make an honest intellectual opinion about this game.

However, there are many things in this game that I can’t stand, and my guild mates will be the first to say that I love to rage about things. This week my rage cannon is pointed at the state of feral druids in pvp right now. In my opinion, as a rogue, THEY SUCK. Now, I have no idea how they fare against other classes, I can imagine mages could do quite well against them. So this is all from my perspective.

 First off: Me being assassination I do not have nearly as much mobility as I could as, say, a subtlety rogue. And because of this, I cannot stand toe-to-toe to a feral druid. Them being able to shift out of crippling effects, and the fact that they run faster than me just makes them so hard to hit. But the mobility is the lowest on the totem pole of suck that they have.

Second: 8k Ticking Bleed effects. This is what really gets me to my breaking point. Let’s just say I’m trying to kill someone in Tol Barad. Like a shaman, I love tearing into them these days. I open up and start wailing away, then BAM! Mangle, rake, rip and I’m screwed for like 15+ seconds. They hit like a truck, and those being bleed effects I cannot do crap against them!
Even if I get the druid low, he can pop bear form, get rage and get health. If it gets to this and I still have vanish I will gtfo. I will avoid a fight with a feral if I have to, but if I tell it’s a baddie, I’ll tear him a new one and enjoy the crap out of it.
Now maybe I’m just really bad and need to l2play. Either way, feral druids will continue to piss me off.

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