About Asilventures

Hello there! I just wanted to give a brief introduction about why this WoW-Blog exists and why you should read it and what it's purpose is!

The reason this blog exists is so I can give you guides, lists, my opinions, and other things based on World of Warcraft in general. This blog isn't Faction Specific (although I am an Alliance only player) and doesn't really favour anything in terms of anything. Really I just want to inform you, give you my opinion, and provoke your thoughts all at the same time! (Or at least try to.)

Asilventures updates every Tuesday and has random posts throughout the week depending on how busy I am.

I like pictures so this blog has plenty of them! Enjoy. Sometimes the pictures don't even go along with the posts. And I'm okay with that!

But who am I? Let me tell you. My main character's name is Asilwen, on the Azgalor server. I play a disc/holy priest! Come stalk me, no please, I need friends =(. I've played WoW for about four years or so, something like that, I stopped counting after one day. I used to raid pretty hardcore I guess you could say until Cataclysm hit, and now I'm trying PvP. I am currently guild leader of a guild named Windfall.

Any questions? See the Contact Me page!