Thursday, March 31, 2011

Asilwen Is Ill

So that is why there was no post yesterday. Sorry to let you down this week, I have a virus (if it were a disease I would just cleanse it but I cannot rid viruses!) I will have a post for you Tuesday, promise! Now I'm gonna go back to resting/sniffling.

So to make up for no post this week, please enjoy this picture of what happens if you use a Potion of Illusion
on someone who is in the form of the Alchemy Dragon... then ride that person AS an Alchemy Dragon. (I'm the one on top!)



  1. Get well soon, and we look forward to the next post!

    - Jamin

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  3. Asilwen, you gotta post, girl! Don't feel tied down to posting everyday, but as long as you post once a month, we know you're alive. :)

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