Friday, October 22, 2010

What We're About (An Introduction, Perhaps?)


 Hello there! I just wanted to give a brief introduction about why this WoW-Blog exists and why you should read it and what it's purpose is!
The reason this blog exists is so I can humorously (while still being informative) give you guides, lists, and other things based on World of Warcraft. This blog isn't Faction Specific (although I am an Alliance only player) and doesn't really favour anything in terms of anything. Really I just want to inform you and make you laugh at the same time (Or at least try to.)

But who am I? Let me tell you. My main character's name is Asilwen, on the Azgalor server. I play a disc/shadow priest!Come stalk me, no please, I need friends =(. I've played WoW for about four years or so, something like that, I stopped counting after one day.

About the blog: This WoW blog will contain various posts, like How to guides on how to obtain pets, or how to make a lot of gold. Other posts may involve lists, or anything really. I will update every Tuesday definitely, and pending how busy I am throughout the week I will update randomly on other days, but at least one update every Tuesday!

I'd love to tell you more about myself, but really, the best way to get you to continue reading my blog is with good posts, so why don't I let my posts do the introducing for me. IF you have any questions please e-mail me at If I get enough questions I will make a regular post involving answering your questions as informatively/humorously as possible! Thanks and enjoy reading!


  1. I believe the "I am an alliance only player." is a lie, my good sir. I RAIDED WITH YOU ON HORDE. How can you forget about our nights of love, passion and boss down-age? You said you loved me...

  2. Haha, okay, you caught my slip up.

    To clarify, I was a Horde player for two years then have decided to give Alliance a try (with some IRL influences). So if I ever post old screenshots and you see a Blood Elf priest instead of Draenei, that is why.

  3. Hiya, I saw your blog featured on WoWinsider, and just wanted to say that it was a fun read. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you very much! I will definitely try! Check back at least every Tuesday for a new post... or check back every day, your choice! =P

    (I still can't believe they featured me!)

  5. Hello there and welcome to the blogosphere! I feel incredibly flattered seeing you've got PPI as one of your two chosen blogs on your blogroll!

    You seem to sparkle and enjoy writing, which is a very good ability for a blogger! Here's too many more blog posts in the future!


  6. Thank you for the kind words. I've been a fan of your blog before I started my own, so it's great to see that you enjoy my input into the blogosphere. I shall continue to try to produce entertaining and intriguing posts in the days to come!

    And here's to your always interesting posts.