Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ask Asil: Mystery Elf Edition

Surprisingly to me, I've actually gotten a couple e-mails with questions. So I wanted to take a moment to answer them in a new segment called "Ask Asil" (I'm so clever).

Anonymous asks, "I love hearing about people's weird statistics, what are some cool/weird/awesome statistics you have on your priest?"

This question reminded me that the statistics tab exists. I always forget about it, but it's always fun to look around and see all of the statistics of my journeys... Well I do have some interesting ones. Here's a list of stats I've deemed noteworthy:
  • 35,673 Auctions posted
  • 122 Mounts
  • 128 Vanity Pets
  • 5,778 Greed Rolls
  • 6,217 Fish Caught (9,894 if you include non fish)
  • 7,309 Deaths
  • 385,776 Creatures Killed
  • 1,111 Times I've used my Hearthstone (Make a wish!)
Evvia asks, "What's the first thing you did after The Shattering happened?"

Do you mean like the moment it happened? I cried inside. Or do you mean in game activity. If you mean the latter, the first thing I did was run all the way to Hillsbrad and did the "Peacebloom Vs. Ghouls" quest chain for that adorable Singing Sunflower pet. Everyone should do this quest. It. Is. Awesome.

Anonymous asks, "In your opinion what's the fastest way to level now?"

With the new revamped world, quests are fun and more intuitive and aren't just "Go kill X of Y". However, if you are a class that can heal or tank I strongly suggest that (if you're going for speed) you spec tank or heals and use the Random Dungeon finder to dungeon grind your way through the levels. With redesigned old world dungeons and quest chains already inside the instances, it hardly feels like a grind. In fact I'm in the process of doing this exact method on my Warrior. It is fun. You won't regret it. Oh and to add to it, you'll maintain having good gear throughout your leveling... unless you have terrible luck with drops.

However, this is a game after all, you really should play the way you have fun. It doesn't matter if you get to max level the fastest in the world if you're not having fun doing it.

Galfrida asks, "Why is it in some of your screenshots there's a blood elf priest then in other pictures you're a draenei? Do you have two priests or something? And on that note, why do you use so many screenshots in posts when not many other blogs do?"

To answer your first question: I played Horde for like three years or something along those lines. Any pictures you see of a Blood Elf priestess is Asilwen back in the day. When I look for screenshots for posts I forage through my screenshots folder and see if I can reuse any pictures I've taken previously because I take a ton of pictures in game. I am Alliance now, and any pictures of a Draenei priestess you see are newer ones.

To answer your second question: I am a visual person. I also try to write blog entries that I would read if I found this blog randomly. That includes pictures. I love pictures and screenshots, even if they're dumb. Throw a wall of text at me and I probably won't read it. Throw some text in between some shiny pictures and I become more intrigued to read. I won't overdo it with the pictures, but I feel they add a bit of flair and make it more visually pleasing.

Drama says, "I liked your last entry. It was different and more blog like. Can we expect more of that in the future?"

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Yes it was kind of different than previous posts, it was more of a blog format you are correct. I started typing on the subject and I just couldn't stop. Yes you can expect more of that, more than likely that will become the norm for Tuesday Posts.

Asilwen asks, "Hey you're pretty much the most awesome person ever, how can I get more of your insight?!"

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Those are all my questions for today, if you have any questions for me send them my way through e-mail at or leave a comment!


  1. I loved the Peacebloom vs Ghouls. Of course I also love PvZ. What's up with the "Endless Mode?" If you look through the acheives, theres some achievements for Endless Mode. But after doing the quest chain, I didnt see it. Do you know anything about this?

  2. I checked around for you, and I think according to Blizzard it is a bug and they suggested to ticket a GM regarding the issue since it's in game... problem is, is it seems to be happening to everyone. Not sure if that was just an automated response from the tech people on the forums or not. Either way it sounds like a good idea. If the GM ticket doesn't work I guess we'll have to wait on a hot fix.

    Forum post link

    I know it'll be in game, I think it's just broken right now. I hope that answers your question.