Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just /Dance (Spin That Record Babe)

When Wrath of the Lich King was first announced at Blizzcon they showed the trailer for features you could expect to see in the upcoming expansion. And for the most part, they lived up to all of their announcements... except for the most important of them all: The Dance Studio. I have been looking forward to this more than anything, ever. Especially back in the day when I was a Blood Elf female, who has one of the worst dances in the game. I still want it now, since Draenei Female dance sucks as well. Anyway, at the most recent Blizzcon they answered a question regarding how the Dance Studio is progressing. Here is what they said-

"...we just want to see when to introduce it, we need to make sure to add a LOT of new dances, whenever the animators have free time we make them make new dances. We wanted it to be a cool feature too, there wasn't much game-play in the barbershop for example, we want to add more game-play."

This, to me, was the BIG NEWS of Blizzcon. For them to say they're adding dances when they have time and that's why it's taking a while is amazing news for people who care, like myself. Then it got me thinking, what dances would be cool to see? So here is a list of some dances I'd like to see in the game!
*giant post of videos crits you for 9,001*


I guess I'll start with the obvious one.  Why this isn't one of the Worgen dances is beyond me. I guess it may have been too obvious of a choice, who knows. But compared to the male's current dance of Justin Timberlake... yeah male Worgen got shafted. At least it's not Napoleon Dynamite.

The Time Warp


My apologies for linking you all to Glee, but it's the only demonstration out there for this dance I could find... for all five of you who didn't already know what this dance looked like. Welcome to the world, you five.
I mean think about it, what class/race would this dance not look cool with? Sure it wouldn't be too spectacular, but it would be pretty neat.
Wait, did I just say neat? /facepalm

Daft Bodies


This might be a stretch, but if they could somehow make this for Deathknights to work with their ghouls... I can't even describe the amount of epic that would stream out of every pixel.  But like I said, this would be a huge stretch. Still, one can dream, right?

The "Where the Hell is Matt" Dance


So I had an idea. What if when they implemented the Dance Studio they also added a feature where some achievements unlock you new dances as a reward. And from this idea stemmed this dance suggestion. What if when you got "The Explorer" title, you got the "Where the Hell is Matt" dance? I think it's a great idea, but maybe it's just me. Achievements rewarding new dances? How win would that be? If you asked me, I'd say very.

So those are some dances I'd like to see in WoW when they release the Dance Studio. What do you think? What dances would you like to see in the World of Warcraft? Do you like the idea of the Dance Studio? What do you think of the idea of achievements rewarding dances? Let me know in the comments below!

And as always if you have any questions or comments regarding anything feel free to throw me an e-mail at asilwensadventures@gmail.com.

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  1. The Daft Bodies video is insanely awesome, and the Where the Hell is Matt video is thought-provoking for the emotions it portrays and invokes. Kinda like http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/world-is-just-awesome/