Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolutions For WoW

 Does anyone think about things like this? As the year of 2010 comes to an end I reflect and see if I have achieved all I wanted to accomplish this year. I feel like in most cases I did. My goal for the year was to get at least one server first. I thankfully got three. I think I succeeded.

Now that 2011 is almost on us, it's time for me to make a new goal. After thinking long and hard about a major goal I would like to strive for I finally thought of it. In 2011 I would like to get my guild to be successful again, in whatever way I can. Whether it be PvP, or PvE, or anything else I want it to be respectable. This is the most important thing to me right now. 

Now that I've said mine, what is your New Year's resolution for WoW? Can't think of one? I have provided some examples of goals you could try to achieve:
  •  Get your Mountain O' Mounts achievement.
  • Stop buying so many Fortune Cards (They're addicting I know.)
  • Finally level your cooking/fishing/first aid.
  • Get The Exalted title.
  • Get your Lil' Game Hunter achievement.
  • Make a successful guild!
  • Make more in game friends (Nothing wrong with e-friends, not at all!)
  • Try PvP
  • Try PvE
  • Start that WoW blog you've always been meaning to start!
  • Level an 85 of each class.
  • Buy a Vial of the Sands
  • Get your dream mount!
  • Achieve 9,000 achievement points!
  • Make that alt you've always been meaning to make.
  • Make a legendary item!
Whatever you choose, make sure you keep one important thing in mind: Don't forget to have fun! This is a game, after all. My biggest pet peeve is people in this game who don't play to have fun. They're too concerned with min/maxing everything and they never play this game to have fun. That's when this game becomes a job and that is when you get burnt out. Who cares if archaeology doesn't help your DPS, if you enjoy it, do it! Who cares if it doesn't make you make thousands of gold, go make that alt you've always wanted! I follow this advice and I am almost never burnt out of the game.
So I just gave you some great suggestions (if I do say so myself =P) so you have no choice after reading this to not have a goal for 2011. So what is your goal? Let me know in the comments!


    1. Great post!

      I really enjoy your attitude towards the game and your readers. Also, your goal seems like a good one!

      My goal will be similar, stat a guild and get it up in the ranking!

      Good luck with the new year,


    2. Lots of good ideas in your post!

      I've steadily been working towards the Mountain O' Mounts and Exalted achievements on my main, so hopefully I'll get them pretty early on this year.

      One of my goals this year is to get all of my toons back into my main guilds. The only problem is my damnable habit of collecting recipes ahead of time for my toons, so my Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking alts usually have a lot of recipes and mats in their guild banks. Gotta level up to powerlevel those professions.

    3. Hey, and happy holidays to you!

      I think my new years resolution (other than the standard enjoy gaming with friends in the guild, etc) is to give my alts some love and attention. They've never really been more than profession toons and backup-backup-healers or something to poke about on when I'm burned out on Rio. Often see them on the login screen, remember I haven't got the foggiest idea what to do since 4.0.1 and just log-in on Rio instead :D They deserve better!

      With festive hugs,


    4. @Jamin - Haha thanks, yes my goal is gonna be tough but hey I'll get it. Another goal I forgot to mention is to keep this blog going strong for as long as you can... but I guess that goal is kind of obvious huh =P.

      @Bloodshrike - You said get your alts into main guilds? Like plural? How many guilds are you in haha, I can hardly handle being in one! =P.

      As for the achievements, prepare to be intensely satisfied once you accomplish them. Especially the mount one. With the change to how mount speed works you can flaunt that thing to no end without suffering setbacks! (The blue one is cooler than the Horde one. It always bothered me that the Horde one is called a "Red Dragonhawk" but shares a model with the "Golden Dragonhawk" pet. It would be way better and make more sense if, you know, it shared a model with the RED one.)

      @Riorel - I know how you feel! I am the antithesis to the altaholic. And with all the changes in 4.0.1 like you said, I have no idea what I'm doing. Like when I tried playing my paladin for the first time the other day... oh man. Holy power went right over my head. And still does.

      Maybe one day I'll like alts. One day.