Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daily Boredom

I won't say that Blizzard's "quest redesign" was a complete success because I feel like they forgot about making daily quests fun too. Like if you want to take a walk down memory lane of how quests used to be, go visit Tol'Borad. That place is the place for you if you love "killing x of y". There are a ton of fun quests, but none of them are dailies! This is discouraging. The most fun quests you can only do once, what's up with this Blizzard? Let's talk about few shall we?

If you've never quested in Uldum, let me tell you about Gnomebliteration. Gnomebliteration is a quest where you assume the role of a giant flaming Katamari Damacy and are in charge of killing one thousand unsuspecting gnomes. I have no idea why I am supposed to do this because I (like many others) do not read quest text, but I do what is told when they offer me gold and crappy vendor items in return. While I have no idea why I'm killing these gnomes, there is one thing I do know. This quest is a ball. It's great. When I first did it I was rolling on the floor laughing at how fun it was. It showed to me that quests can be fun.

Another fun quest chain is of course the Peacebloom Vs. Ghouls quest chain. You do this amazing mini game then after you kill the boss you never get to play it again on that character. In the beta there was an endless mode option but it got removed from live because I'm convinced Blizzard is on an anti-fun agenda. Let's hope they go back and add in an endless mode and then I will be happy.

There are many examples of fun quests yet none of them are dailies. Sure maybe one or two dailies are fun like Thieving Little Pluckers. I just wish there was more of an emphasis on making dailies fun instead of just normal one time only quests fun. Why Blizzard? Why do we get stuck with daily grinds of boredom instead of potential fun ones? I just imagine the one quest designer at Blizzard who loved collecting X of Y got put in charge of daily quests in Cataclysm. 

So I'll leave you with an acrostic poem (by yours truly):



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  1. I enjoyed the ball quest very much when I found it and had to send my wife to Uldum just so she could experiance it also. Another quest I enjoyed was "Beware of the 'Unbeatable?' Pterodactyl" I love the nod to old school games like "Joust". Why to go Blizz.

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    Brimbane Out!